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If I look from a market perspective, the prevalence of mediocre content and people’s addiction to them seem to amplify each other.

At this age, it’s ridiculously convenient to access very stimulating (read: audio-visually intense) entertainment, compared to a couple of decades earlier. There were fewer TV channels or web media, there were fewer content, stricter standards for what qualifies one as a good actor, director, writer etc.

Creators had to work hard to create a culture of watching TV for extended periods, and since money would flow to novel ideas (that makes a network stand out from the rest), there was a lot of emphasis on originality and quality.

Not that all the people hooked to Netflix don’t know or understand the relative merits of real-life experiences, book-reading or other less dummifying and more enriching alternatives. It’s just so easy to fall back that plans for doing something more meaningful tomorrow remains stuck in a tomorrow that never comes.

And with the youth today, those who never knew a world without easily accessible internet, the neural networks in their brains have become so formed around the idea of a constant flow of entertainment that the slightest interruption in it suffices to be reason for bad blues.

Boredom is the worst enemy for this generation — and this makes it profitable for social media giants and TV networks.

As long as they put out something new that’s somewhat interesting, viewers will swoop in, because they’re not looking for quality content that challenges or develops their thinking — just something to hook into so that the cancerous boredom doesn’t eat their souls away.

I did NOT plan to write so much, but that’s my two (or ten) cents!

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