Thank you for this, Tina! You spoke my mind.

One could argue there's nothing wrong with writing about earning on a platform. True. But it's not about one article, is it? It's a whole wave of newbie "writer" singing in a chorus a song of their "achievement".

One could argue there's nothing wrong in writing about writing. But if you've only written about writing and nothing else, are you even a writer?

There's no straight-cut yes or no in this, but we all know how it is even if some of us would try to deny it.

There are already too many Facebook groups that discuss earnings. Why put all of that on Medium? Easy cash I guess.

Then there's a group of people who "made it big" on Medium and are now making money off of other people trying to do the same.

It's not about writing anymore. It's about writing to earn, writing to get views, writing to get reads. There's so much audience catering and dollar-hacking in this that the act of authentic writing itself is going away.

And to them, we'll sound jealous, because an ever-growing group keeps solidifying the idea that the worth of anything you publish on Medium and the writer that you are all boils down to how much you made here, even if you have a job and a life of your own and do this out of sheer passion, if you're dollars aren't piling up, you're a failure as a writer.

We could simply ignore, right? Yes we could. But Medium is a shared space, it's only natrual to care about what makes this shared space a little more polluted, a little less nice to stroll in.

My rant is over now, and I'm considering deleting this, but I think I should keep it just in case a few more "writers who write to write" will feel less alienated by the dollar-crowd.

At least this is still a better read than "How I earned $100 in my first month on Medium"

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