I'll start with a small flashback. Soon after I took up photography as a hobby, I created a Flickr account and started looking at what talented photographers around the globe are doing. I'd find myself thinking often, "I'll never be this good. What's the point of practicing mediocrity?"

I did go on, though, for my own satisfaction, for the affection towards the craft, and thankflly that took me far.

Interestingly, the last several weeks I've been strolling under overarching thoughts, waiting for 'a good time' to put them on the proverbial paper, only to arrive Medium to discover that YOU have just written about it, and so much better than I could have.

And I'm somehow transported back to that exact feeling from 12 years ago, wondering, "I could never write this well. What's the point of even trying when it's already been said, and better?"

But I'll probably write anyway, for the affection towards the craft.

Thanks for the inspiration, but more importantly the resonance. It's probably not often a writer can say that another has spoken his mind.

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“Sugarcoats are not in fashion” • Economist, teacher, photographer • Stockholm, Sweden • All posts: tiny.cc/22b5tz

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