My Pile of Drafts Don’t “Spark Joy”

Writing and the KonMari conundrum

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Kondo’s method of organizing is known as the KonMari method, and consists of gathering together all of one’s belongings, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that “spark joy” — Wikipedia

Have you watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix? — Don’t! I mean, I do take pleasure watching people tidy up. But this show might scar you for life — very likely by showing how much mess people can live with (oh the sheer horror!), but specially by implanting Marie’s organizing formula in your head.

See, I’m a guy who would be proud to invite any lady into the house. I don’t have meticulously matched furniture or ninja-samurai folds on my underpants, but hey, I clean up good!

My shelves are sorted, closet organized, drawers dedicated and couch cushioned. Even within a single room, I have designated spots for studying, writing, chilling out and sleeping with rare overlaps.

What I take pride most in — spread around the room I have seven light sources of varying luminosity and temperature, and I use unique combinations of these to set the mode for anything between romance and marathon study.

Have I just creeped the ladies out? Nevermind!

Point is, I have a dark, messy secret of my own — a place of clutter, devoid of any sorting or tab-keeping, just a pile of items to be tended to shortly, items on the verge of obsolescence and items long forgotten — and I can’t seem to go KonMari on them.

I’m talking about my Medium drafts.

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Recently I started shoving every epiphany I get into Medium’s drafts. But if I don’t write right away, my moment has passed and the draft dies a slow death. They keep piling up while I only publish whatever I write fresh and in one go.

  • Update: That number is now ‘59’

These drafts range from tentative headline only to needs final revision, but one thing is in common — when I look at them, they don’t spark joy.

Chandler Bing gets how I feel:

Tell me, Marie, I don’t know!
Where my half-done drafts should go?

I know this for a fact that if I could get done with those ideas right away or at least bring myself to work on them now, they’d turn into something I’d be satisfied with. Just like that second episode lady who kept all her fashionable (!!) clothes in the hope of wearing them *someday*.

Where’s a Marie Kondo of the writing world when you need one?!

People dream of Inbox Zero. I dream of Drafts Zero. Albeit not as in I’m out of ideas but as in I keep publishing as they come. Ah, what wouldn’t I give to be 20 again! (I wouldn’t give anything. 20 wasn’t a very nice time. I just want my brain’s writing department to be 20 again.)

I need to handle this shit. You tell me how!

Yes, you.

Have you no empathy? Do you not weep? Come on, spit out an advice.

So many of you are Lords of Listicles, Sultans of Self-Improvement in the House of Hustle — just gimme one damn pointer for how to turn drafts into published work!

If someone tells me to write everyday again ….

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