What are these?


Of what?

Of agonizing realities that have passed. There were others that hurt too. Some even worse. But I got rid of the rest. I kept these.

Why keep them?

I like control.

Control what?

I can’t always decide what happens. I can only decide what I allow to carve me out.

Why hold on to these?

These won’t happen again. I won’t let it. I want to learn, but not the same truths again.

Learn what?

A lot. But mostly which fragments to keep next.

Collecting fragments … sounds like running after broken dreams.

Collecting pieces of myself.

And then? What if there are missing pieces in the end?

There are no missing pieces. I’m only replacing old ones with new.

But doesn’t that hurt?

Always. Beautifully.

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“Sugarcoats are not in fashion” • Economist, teacher, photographer • Stockholm, Sweden • All posts:

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