Our minds are prone to finding meaning when there is none.

Photo by Jens Johnsson from Pexels

It is not uncommon to come across unusual coincidences and infer that they carry a meaning deeper than mere randomness. Many of us believe we get signs from the universe to guide our thoughts and decisions. But there are reasons we should tread those paths lightly, according to psychological research.

These unlikely sources had a blueprint for me

Photo: Nikhil Manan // Pexels

I’ll never be this good — the feeling stayed with me for weeks.

Back in 2015, I decided to turn my passion for photography into a profession. I didn’t lack ambition and enthusiasm, but looking at Instagram profiles of photographers all over Sweden made me realize I lacked everything else.

How these 7 ‘departments’ are controlled will reveal the answer

A couple dressed in royal attire standing facing each other in a candlelit room
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Controlled, dominated, manipulated, neglected — these are not feelings we expect to come across when we decide to share our lives with someone. Yet, too many of us have untold stories of being emotionally suffocated by someone we consider our closest.

From experience and observation, I know how easy it…

You can only avoid them if you see them coming

Photo by Anderson Rian on Unsplash

One of our soul’s most profound desires is to find a stranger to one day call our closest, and keep them for life. Yet, tentacles of toxicity creep into our most prized connections, leveraging our feeble grasp on emotions, our oversight, and myopia, to cause us incalculable harm.

Whatever our…

Turn the lockdown into a rekindling opportunity.

Photo by Guilherme Caetano on Unsplash

When life feels stagnant, fresh can easily turn stale. Bound within the same four walls, robbed of the familiar indoor-outdoor balance, lines blurred between work and leisure, keeping our lives interesting has become increasingly difficult.

The same is true for romance.

Even couples who never experienced a heightened interest in…

Mutasim Billah

Educator-entrepreneur • MSc in Economics • Personal growth, relationships, creativity, and society • INFJ-A + HSP • Connect with me: MutasimBillah.com

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